Uganda is a country in East Africa. It is located at the northern shore of Lake Victoria and River Nile starts its journey from the lake through the center of the country to the North. As it is surrounded by high mountains on both eastern and western side and has number of water sources, the country is filled with green vegetation like rainforest, savannah, swamp and alpine zone.

The main feature of Uganda’s tourism is the Mountain Gorilla which inhabits Africa’s beautiful rainforests. They were once on the verge of extinction but growth in their numbers has been confirmed due to the protective measures. Come enjoy the breathtaking experience of meeting the largest ape in the world. Uganda also boasts of her charms like the savannah, a home of lions and elephants among other animals, Rwenzori Mountains with glaciers just under the equator and swamps, homes of the rare birds like shoebill.

Over the years, a number of accommodation facilities have come up, services improved and domestic regular flights are frequently operated now. It enables tourists to tour Uganda easier; all for your comfort.