Business Traveller

At Greenleaf tourist club, we provide corporate services for all our business travellers or distinguished guests who visit Africa, or who stay in Uganda for a long duration.

We also plan, book and facilitate conferences, meetings, exhibitions, study tours and other events for large and small groups and events for both shorter and longer duration. Based on the knowledge and experience we have acquired, we plan tailor-made tours based on the requests of our customers.

For short-term travelers
  • Car rental and hotel reservations
  • We not only provide comfortable accommodation in a sophisticated ambiance but also offer a wide range of car rental vehicles for use within and out of the city.
  • Tour packages and study tours
  • We offer affordable tour packages and study tours with tailor-made itineraries based on the customers request.
  • Meeting and conference arrangement
  • We can arrange appropriate locations for your meetings or conferences that come fitted with high speed internet and air conditioning. Furthermore, we provide catering, transport and accommodation services.
  • English and local language tour guides, interpreters and escorts.
  • We provide tour guides, interpreters and escorts who are fluent in English language plus the native languages of the region you intend to visit.
For long-term residents
  • Car Lease
  • We offer a wide range vehicles at a considerably lower prices than car rental.
  • Air ticket reservations
  • We provide verifiable one way, round trip and multi-city bookings of tickets for any country at an affordable price with VIP packages at the airport.